1st Africa Mentoring Conference (AMC, September 2019)

In 2013, African leaders embarked on a determined development journey driven by Agenda 2063. Agenda 2063 is a shared strategic framework for inclusive growth and sustainable development in Africa. This strategic framework brings an African development perspective to the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Just as the other post 2015 global resolutions, Agenda 2063 recognizes that education holds the key to achieving most of the SDGs. Thus, Africa has seized and built upon the opportunity presented by SDG 4 to renew its commitment to transforming education; so that girls and boys, women and men, the able-bodied, and persons with disability will participate and benefit equally from increased educational opportunities and resources.

To execute the strategic posturing described above, Africa’s education and training systems need to embrace supportive mentoring as central to its transformational arsenal. Appropriate mentoring will help shape the new African, capable of serving as an effective change agent for the continent’s sustainable development. In recent years, African Heads of State have demonstrated strong commitment towards achieving this goal through youth-friendly declarations. The House of Mentoring and Research Resources (HM2R), and the Africa Mentoring Association (AMA) recognizes mentoring as vital to Africa’s developmental agenda. To this end, we seek to, through the 1st Africa Mentoring Conference (AMC), use mentoring as a vehicle to help build a movement dedicated to capturing, spreading and nurturing sustainable continental human capital.

The Conference

AMA and HM2R plan to hold their maiden AMC in Johannesburg, South Africa in September 2019). Following this, AMC will be convened biennially by HM2R and AMA using a rotational roster in each of the six regions of Africa – North, South, East, West, Central, and the Diaspora. Thus, for every 12 years, it will be hosted five times on the African Continent, and once outside Africa. The conference will embrace participants from countries outside Africa. This will be done in partnership with recognized organizations championing the cause of mentoring in the host country or region. In 2019, our host country is Republic of South Africa. This Conference will be the first of its kind convening youth, mentoring professionals, researchers, philanthropic investors in human capital, governments, civil society, and civic leaders to collectively strengthen and expand quality mentoring relationships for both young and old – across Africa.

What we are looking for in the 1st AMC

The HM2R and AMA mentoring initiative is platformed on the premise that the effectively mentored African will contribute to sustainable continental growth. The Conveners of the Conference recognize that, six decades following independence, Africa is at a watershed in its development, needing a new type of leadership to consolidate current gains, and realize her development goals. To this end, the Conference is convened. Serving as the only Africa-wide meeting of mentoring practitioners, researchers, philanthropic partners and leaders, the Conference will provide attendees with an opportunity to engage in skill building, peer learning, advocacy and networking. The carefully chosen experienced keynote speakers and panels, together with the youth, laity, scholars and professionals will provide a milieu for dynamic conversations and networking opportunities. The Conference will feature tracks that highlight specific areas of interest – mentoring, coaching, leadership, governance, entrepreneurship, business, education, and others. Workshop sessions will showcase exemplary mentoring models, collaborations, research, and innovations that have positive implications for strengthening the mentoring field in Africa.

Conference Aims

• position mentoring at the core of national priorities in the African sub-region
• mentor current and future leaders who are well-rounded, and able to engage on issues relating to sustainable development in Africa
• officially launch a pan-African movement of mentors who impact their communities and the continent – by capturing, spreading, and nurturing sustainable continental human capital.

Conference Objectives

• Provide a platform and forum for mentors and various stakeholders to engage on issues relating to sustainable development in Africa.
• share with conference participants best practices and current innovations in mentoring
• facilitate uptake of strategic mentoring models in the design and deployment of effective, and sustainable, mentoring programs locally and regionally
• initiate the mentoring and capacity-building of a cohort of future African leaders who are well-rounded, and able to engage on issues relevant to sustainable development in Africa

Conference Outcomes

The following outcomes are envisaged:
• participants leave the conference with transformed mentoring capabilities
• stakeholders become actively engaged with strengthening and expanding quality mentoring relationships for young people
• a cohort of future African leaders are identified, mentored, and tooled to advocate for positioning mentoring at the core of national priorities and contributing to sustainable development in Africa
• a pan-African movement of mentors who impact their communities – the Africa Mentoring Association (AMA) is launched.


It’s anticipated that the Conference will attract national, regional, and international partners from within the Continent, Europe, Asia, and North America. The Conference is expected to bring together about 1,000 delegates (youth, mentoring researchers and practitioners representing state actors, non-state actors, academia, research, industry, professionals and practitioners from health care, philanthropic partners, and civil society).

Conference Partners

HM2R is an independent, not for profit global research and capacity building think tank. Comprising a network of academics, researchers, and youth from over ten countries, HM2R aims, amongst others, to use mentoring as a launchpad for positive development in Africa. HM2R’s mentoring initiative aims to nurture and develop a new cadre of Africans, well-rounded in community, national and global issues through training, coaching, mentoring, networking and research (

The AMA is a non-profit association of African mentoring professionals and mentees in the higher, second cycle, and basic education sectors, business, not-for-profit, for-profit, and government sectors. It’s AMA’s goal to offer the most current information in the constantly evolving field of mentoring best practices in an organized, and accessible format. AMA sees mentoring as the most effective lever available for transforming the quality and effectiveness of human growth and development. AMA envisions that day where every African folk is effectively mentored and is contributing to sustainable development of the continent (

To build individual research and professional practice capacity in public health, and to provide need-driven research and mentoring services.

HM2R’s ultimate goal is to empower Africa through meaningful research and mentoring services rendition

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